What happens if I want to change or add to my order?

You can make changes to your order when you collect it at the store. We unfortunately cannot guarantee stock availability.


How do I cancel an order?

Each order submitted is allocated a ticket number which is sent to you via sms and email. You can call the store and cancel your order at any time.


How often can I order?

You can order as many times as you would like all depending on slot availability. There is no limit just like you could walk into a store as many times as you would like to.


Why is there always a 3 hour gap between the time I place my order and the next available collection slot?

We need to keep a minimum of 3 hours gap between your order and collection as stores could be really busy and we would like to have your order ready for collection once you arrive.


How does payment work?

Payments are to be made at the store after you have finalised your order with staff. Each store might have different options but card or cash is to be expected.


Can I reschedule my collection time?

Once you have received a notification with a ticket number, you will unfortunately not be able to reschedule your collection time.


What happens if a store does not have all the products requested in stock?

Note stock availability is subject to change and stock cannot be guaranteed. If your full order cannot be fulfilled, you can choose alternative products when you collect.


Why do I only have 15 minutes to finalise my order?

This is to ensure that everyone has fair access to slots.